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Love comic books? Join hosts John and Takoda as they give honest reviews on the comics you love, and sometimes you hate.


February 22, 2017

PCW #26 The Saga of Random Leg

This episode has it all! Talkin' Lego Batman, BUG!, Legion from FX, We also revisit the trio of DC #16's to see if they improved and a review of Serenity "No Power in the 'Verse" #5 from Dark Horse. Plus: Lindsay is plagued by a random toy leg, arguing the merits of the Punisher films, what celebrity does Dave want to punch in the face and a wager is made. Love comics? Let us entertain you!

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Parlipod Swamp Thing Special: On this episode we are joined by special guest and legendary creator Mike Baron! Mike talks Deadman, Nexus, Flash, Badger and his novels.We also give a full review of the new Justice League Dark animated film from Warner. Long overdue, Swampy finally sprouts up on screen. Does he plant some serious roots or is his role watered down?

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PCW #25 Spoiler Alert! This episode we review All Star Batman #7 from DC Comics. Poison Ivy takes center stage but is this issue worth your green? Dave and Lindsay also discuss two Marvel titles, Darth Maul and Monsters Unleashed. PLUS: Who the heck can defend putting nipples on the Batsuit and why Marvel is in the dog house.

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On this episode Dave and Lindsay review a trio of issue #16's from DC Comics. Are Batman, Aquaman and Green Lanterns sweet and worth a buy? Warning, there will be SPOILERS! We also talk about the Logan trailer, Dave's preconceived notions about Monster Truck rallies, Facebook pet peeves, Why Fish Fillet sandwiches are so damn expensive and MORE! Whew, I'm outta breath... this episode has it all!!!

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