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Love comic books? Join hosts John and Takoda as they give honest reviews on the comics you love, and sometimes you hate.


We're back with a Texas sized show! Dave goes bonkers for Buc-ee's, John covers Lexington Toy and Comics Convention, Quick Hit and Aquaman #34 reviews PLUS: Our interview with Superstar Writer Donny Cates! He's tearing up the comics scene with his runs on Thanos, Dr.Strange, Babyteeth, Redneck and more so don't miss this chat with one cool cat! Available Here: Follow us on Twitter @parlipod for giveaways!

Show Notes: Intro- 2:21 Buc-ee's/Texas talk- 4:20 LexCon- 7:35 Quick Hits- 12:53 Aquaman #34- 24:37 Donny Cates Interview- 37:33 Closing thoughts- 49:10

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March 8, 2018


Ep.#88 Webster Lives! On this one we come with Quick Hit Reviews, Gas Station Follies, Justice League #40 by Christopher Priest and Pete Woods inspires a wacky debate about 80's sitcoms Different Strokes, Webster and Punky Brewster because on Parlipod we find the beaten path to be a bore. PLUS: Boyzarro attacks in the pages of Superman #42. Love Comics? Listen UP and Fuel Your Fandom!

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