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Love comic books? Join hosts John and Takoda as they give honest reviews on the comics you love, and sometimes you hate.


Our big boy is growing up. Takoda gets a special birthday message from Rob Liefeld, as well as a good natured hazing from John. We review some more first appearance comics. Sit back with your spanking paddle and wait your turn, as we review Uncanny Xmen 221, Captain Britain #8, and Amazing Spider-Man #129.

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In this episode the guys review comics from Boom Studios. Will they like them, or will they explode? One thing is for certain, if you want honest opinions this is the place. What book do we call hipster bullshit? Well you'll have to listen up to find out. We review Faithless #1, Once and Future #1, and The Red Mother #1 .

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It's a blast from the past daddy-o, as Parlipod reviews Action Comics#1, Detective Comics #27, and All Star Comics #8. Yes that's right, the first appearances of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. After this episode, join us at the drug store for a milkshake, and find out why Parlipod is the bee's knees.

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