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Love comic books? Join hosts John and Takoda as they give honest reviews on the comics you love, and sometimes you hate.


 John's hitting the sauce with his fruity beer, and calling Takoda names. The guys also review Hotell #2, The Resistance #2, and Doom Patrol season 2 episode 1. Good times for all , except maybe Takoda...he cried a little.

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In this episode John and Takoda talk all things The Red Mother with writer/artist Jeremy Haun. No more description necessary . Listen, The Red Mother is calling to you !

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This Ep we talk a lot of stuff. We discuss the comics industry as a whole, No Heroine #2 " spoiler free ",  Red Mother #5, Joker 80th Anniversary 100 page, and Batman #92. Whats the Punchline? Who knows, but you won't find a more entertaining show anywhere.

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