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Love comic books? Join hosts John and Takoda as they give honest reviews on the comics you love, and sometimes you hate.

January 24, 2018


​Ep.#82 Doomsday Clock #3 We start off this episode discussing a topic that took Twitter by storm...Superman's Skivvies! With the hype surrounding Action Comics #1000, fans are getting themselves in a twist over Big Blue's bloomers. This is followed by Quick Hit reviews that include Champions #16, Ice Cream Man #1, Jimmy's Bastards, Dr.Strange #384, Spectacular Spider-Man #299 and more! John gives us his take on the CW's newest swing at Superhero action Black Lightning and we wrap up talking Doom Patrol #10 plus Doomsday Clock #3 from DC Comics.

Quick Hit Reviews- 7:30 Black Lightning- 22:28 Doom Patrol #10- 36:16 Doomsday Clock #3- 42:55

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