ParliPulls for September, 5th

Written by on September 6, 2018

Thanks for checking back with us again this week folks!  Its another week and the pumpkin pie Blizzard from DQ is back, and so is ParliPulls.  With this section of the site we are wanting to give you a look in at what the staff is reading for the given week.  The comics may be a new or old series.  We hope you enjoy the selections for this week and look forward to your feedback!

Shawn had this to add for this week! For this week’s pick, I want to talk about one of my favorite series from Image. Copperhead is created by Jay Faerber & Scott Godlewski and is a Sci-Fi/Western that fans of Firefly might be drawn to. The protagonist is the newly appointed sheriff to the small mining settlement named Copperhead. Sheriff Clara Bronson seems to be looking for a new start somewhere with her son. Corrupt town politics adds political intrigue to this quick reading action packed story. This week I read issues 11-14. Unfortunately, Copperhead is scheduled to end this December with issue 22 but the trades are easily available.

And from Takoda, this week I bring to the table, The new and improved Domino! This marvel classic is written by Gail Simone and although she might not be an indistinguishable twin of the Domino featured in the Deadpool film she still has all the sass, The kickass, and lets not forget the luck. In the series she does the usual gun toating mercenary work we all love, along side her two Bff’s. She also survives everything from being thrown from a highrise window to an exploding boat! Lets not forget the puppy she gains along the way.

Thanks for checking back with us this week.   We look forward to giving you some different titles next week!  As always thanks for listening to Parlipod!

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