Author: productofsloth

It’s been one year since the surgery Cut a hole in my chest And stuck in a battery Live wires threaded into me Ran through my veins not through my arteries Three leads compensate for my heart If it ever fails, I’ve got a jump start Face to face with mortality Now when I travel […]

This Wednesday, I return to San Diego for my ninth straight running of the nerds (Comic-Con). I feel pretty good about this year.  Last year was a bit off.  I only had one day inside the con, I lost out on the Funko booth, and I got hosed on the Conan tapings.  Also, I got […]

Once again, took time off.  Good thing I named this column ‘Sporadica’ since I’m about as regular as a trucker full of cheese.  Stew on that for a moment.  It’s one of my better metaphors. This time out I decided to talk about myself.  My column, my narcissism.  A long time ago I worked for […]

Hello. Welcome back. That’s more for me than for you.  I’ve missed some time due to a pesky shoulder surgery and a real life work project that has consumed most of my waking hours for the past month and a half.  The schedule said 12 weeks, we made it in 8.  Kind of like Han […]

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