It’s been one year since the surgery Cut a hole in my chest And stuck in a battery Live wires threaded into me Ran through my veins not through my arteries Three leads compensate for my heart If it ever fails, I’ve got a jump start Face to face with mortality Now when I travel […]

This Wednesday, I return to San Diego for my ninth straight running of the nerds (Comic-Con). I feel pretty good about this year.  Last year was a bit off.  I only had one day inside the con, I lost out on the Funko booth, and I got hosed on the Conan tapings.  Also, I got […]

Once again, took time off.  Good thing I named this column ‘Sporadica’ since I’m about as regular as a trucker full of cheese.  Stew on that for a moment.  It’s one of my better metaphors. This time out I decided to talk about myself.  My column, my narcissism.  A long time ago I worked for […]

Hello. Welcome back. That’s more for me than for you.  I’ve missed some time due to a pesky shoulder surgery and a real life work project that has consumed most of my waking hours for the past month and a half.  The schedule said 12 weeks, we made it in 8.  Kind of like Han […]

Were coming in late this week, but thanks for hanging in there with me as I get this posted!  I am in the middle of moving and packing so my internet access has been limited.  This week Shawn reviews Deadly Class 22. From Shawn, I was a little late to this fantastic series but I’m so […]

I am a little late getting this published this week and I apologize!  It has been a crazy hectic week for me with the added stress of homecoming week. Alas, here is our Parlipulls for the week.  Thanks to Shawn who is the only one that submitted one this week. This week I started the […]

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to a new week of Parlipulls.  This week has been hectic for me personally and I didn’t get to read as much as I wanted to, but I will be giving some input this week!  I look forward to publishing this piece every week and I wanted to thank John, […]

Thanks for checking back with us again this week folks!  Its another week and the pumpkin pie Blizzard from DQ is back, and so is ParliPulls.  With this section of the site we are wanting to give you a look in at what the staff is reading for the given week.  The comics may be […]

Here at Parlipod we are going to start doing weekly comic book recommendations from our staff!  We hope you enjoy our recommendations and look forward to hearing feedback from all you listeners.  Thanks for listening to Parlipod! Shawn-For my inaugural ParliPull, I want to talk to you about Doppelgänger from Alterna Comics. Alterna is a […]

Hayden Benedict makes his Parlipod reviewing debut ! he gives the scoop on Rise of the TMNT, and My Hero Academia ! Plus John and Takoda discuss  Suicide Squad Annual #1 , and why you shouldn’t waste your money. Also, we talk great things in store for Justice League Dark #2. And if that wasn’t […]

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