Team Members

Owner/Host/Guest Booking John Benedict strives to look inside the inner workings of the comic industry while providing honest reviews on all thing geek culture. John’s passion for comics has fueled his imagination since 7 years old. He is one of the last dreamers of the world.

Takoda is the current Co-host of the show. An avid comic fan, and all around good dude.

When you want a honest opinion on something, ask Stephen Sprouse. Stephen is our head honcho on geek social commentary, as well as a hell of a cartoonist.

At 8 and a half feet tall, Eric fields “Good Guy Eric” to his friends would give you the clothes of his back. Eric is John Benedict’s personal assistant at shows. The tales of Eric and his blue ox are know far and wide.

Social Media Manager RD Hall is also a  freelance writer, and published author. As well as a heck of a dancer.

Fill in Co-Host Shawn Hegarty is a lovable Koala Bear. He is a comic aficionado , that has been know to have good taste in books, when not promoting Immortal Men. He is also the father figure to Mini Shawn, the cocksure slightly vulgar miniature version of his inner self. Shawn is a valuable part […]

Original Co-Creator of Parlipod, and current owner of Selling Out . The self described Comics Curmudgeon gave us many a good review, despite his love for 90’s Cable. David will also be a fill in Co-Host from time to time.

Kris is our new Web Master.  She owns her own business named The Nerdy Chick (very fitting, right?), where she specializes in graphic design, web mastering, and anything else she can get her hands into.

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